This is for all the men who drool over these ladies!!!! - REALITY and to all the ladies who sigh looking at the perfect features of these ladies... !!! - U look better dont u think???

The dusky beauty Kajol transforms totally with makeup. Its next to impossible to recognize Kajol without those well shaped eyebrows, proper eyelashes and lipstick!

Her on screen image, until now, has been radiant. But her na.tural look tells us how miraculous makeup can be. Tabu certainly knows how to take advantage of makeup.

Priyanka :
She's one of the most desired women among men and to add an extra feather to her cap, she has a spectacular body, and also a great fashion sense. But without makeup, Piggy Chops looks total ordinary!

The cute actress instantly made her way into the dreams of thousand of men everywhere and has been rated the sexiest Asian. Well, those dreams will certainly turn into nightmares, with her no-makeup look!

Madhuri Dixit is indeed one of the most beautiful people on Earth. In fact, to prove her beauty a magazine also published pictures of her without any makeup. Here you see Madhuri with no imperfections at all. A true natural beauty!

She's a diva on the red carpet and leaves heads turning wherever she shows up. But she needs to thank her stylist, because without any makeup, she looks extremely pale!

She definitely has a pretty face, but her cheeks look slimmer when she uses blush. Her eyeliner also helps her cover her asymmetrical eyes. And that sexy tan... It doesn't exist at all!

Supermodel Sushmita Sen's without make up look highlights the fact that even someone who's supposed to be one of the prettiest women in the world looks ordinary without an inch of makeup!

The Om Shanti Om star Deepika Padukone totally loses her glamour quotient when she's not wearing makeup. Though her facial 'anatomy' is perfectly all right, maybe a little bit of mascara or eye shadow can help!

When Rani decides to visit her friends she does not comb her hair and she obviously forgets that make up really helps her look nice. We hope she doesn't scare away the only stable factor in her life Aditya Chopra with her no make-up look.