Queen Mary 2, the world's largest, longest, tallest and widest passenger ship ever conceived is Started to sail.

QM2 was built in the Alstom Chantiers de L'Atlantique shipyard in Sainte-Nazaire, France at a total estimated cost of $780 million USD. So, she is the most expensive ship ever built.
On January 31, 2004, its maiden 14-Day Voyage started from Southampton and will reach Fort Lauderdale via Funchal, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Las Palmas, Bridgetown and Charlotte Amalie.

Length: 345 meters / 1132 feet
Gross Registered Tonnage: Approximately 150,000 gross tons
Passengers: 2620
Crew: 1253
Top Speed: Approximately 30 knots (34.5 mph)
Power: 157,000 horsepower, Environmentally friendly, gas turbine/diesel electric plant
Strength: Extra thick steel hull for strength and stability for Transatlantic Crossings.
Cost to built: $800 million dollars approximately

Charge details:
- 12 Nights Cruises from $2,449
- 10 Nights Cruises from $1,689
Some comparisons:
QM2 is 147 feet longer than the Eiffel Tower ( 984 ft.)
QM2 is more than 3 � times as long as Westminster Tower (Big Ben) (310 ft.)
QM2 is only 117 feet shorter than the Empire State Building (1248 ft.)
QM2 is more than three times as long as St. Paul 's Cathedral (366 ft.)
QM2 is as long as 36 double- decker London buses (31 ft. each)
QM2's whistle will be audible for 10 miles.

A magnificent Spa will include one of the ship's five swimming pools, and together with the adjacent Winter Garden, will provide a health, fitness and relaxation area of over 25,000 square feet.

Numerous smaller lounges, alternative dining venues and specialized rooms will also welcome travelers during the crossings.